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Among several webmail services, Hotmail is the first to hit the market and win users’ confidence. Founded by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia, Hotmail later got acquired by Microsoft and was given a new name Hotmail simply redefined the way of communication. With outstanding features and performance, it won hearts of many. As Microsoft decided to synchronize e-mail services for all Windows based devices, it was integrated with MS Office, Skype, and one drive, making all these service more robust. More interestingly, users can easily configure the account in MS Outlook as well. In addition, Hotmail help makes the application more user centric. is also built to have a good compatibility with most used web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Nonetheless, like other email services, Hotmail also may be susceptible to issues that can have an instant treatment if addressed by technicians at Insta Tech Support.

Common Hotmail Problems

Take a look at some common issues associated to Hotmail:

  • Problems in sending or receiving emails
  • Hotmail does not respond
  • Where do I get Hotmail tech support phone number from?
  • How to download files in Hotmail?
  • How to configure Hotmail account in Gmail account?
  • Hotmail performs slow
  • Hotmail email service is down
  • How to contact a competent Hotmail help?

We have instant solution to each of the Hotmail problem. Contact now through our Hotmail customer support number.

Hotmail Help Provided by Us Covers

Below are some of the aspects our Hotmail help services handle:

  • Dealing with all Hotmail issues
  • Configuring the Hotmail account
  • Boosting up the speed of the application
  • Fixing all Hotmail errors
  • Help in file downloading in Hotmail

Our experts always come with 100% satisfaction by providing solutions to all Hotmail problems. Get in touch via Hotmail tech support phone number.

Running into Hotmail Issues? Contact Insta Tech Support

If you are fed up of facing continuous issues with Hotmail, get an immediate Hotmail help from our Microsoft certified Hotmail technicians. Our 100% secure remote channel facilitates getting into your system and lets us fix the issue by ourselves. Please know that we keep the entire data stored on your computer completely untouched and safe. Give us an opportunity to handle the problem, it won’t annoy you ever. For minor problems, we provide solution over phone. Kindly contact us via Hotmail customer support number +1-844-305-0563.

Fully Aware Toll-Free Hotmail Tech Support Phone Number 1-844-305-0563

If you do not want the delay of a second, our toll-free Hotmail customer support number +1-844-305-0563 must be your choice. We answer your call immediately and forward it to one of the experts. You can explain all the problems you face with Hotmail, he/she will provide a smart solution on the spot. Living to its name, Insta Tech Support has been wonderful in providing absolute solutions instantly.


Hotmail Support


  •  Immediate configuration setting for Hotmail
  •  Recover Hotmail trash emails
  •  Provide Hotmail  web access
  •  Reset password for Hotmail
  •  Preventing junk Hotmail emails
  •  Enhancing email Security in Hotmail
  •  Resolve temporary access issues
  •  Hotmail login support
  •  Disk quota exceed for Hotmail
  •  Rectify POP/IMAP issue
  •  Troubleshoot Hotmail SMTP issue

Why Should You Select Insta Tech Support?

You see a doctor when you fall ill just because you take good care of your body. The same care is required by the digital device you are using. Once it begins throwing problems, you must take it to its doc, Insta Tech Support. Whether it is a PC, a laptop, a software application, browser, email service, operating system, peripherals or other digital devices, none guarantees ‘no technical hiccups’. You must choose us because

  •   Our services cover a wide range of digital/electronic devices and software applications
  •   We provide authentic support through highly trained and certified tech professionals
  •   Our technicians use latest technology standards to meet customer requirement
  •   We offer efficacious support service
  •   100% problem resolution guaranteed!
  •   We are easily accessible over online chat, e-mail, phone
  •   Living true to our name, we provide instant services
  •   We have a record of 100% customer satisfaction till date

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