Tech Support Plans in USA and Canada

Computer & PC Tech Support Plans in USA, Canada

Technical glitches can occur anytime anywhere. Sometimes it so happens that you’re in the middle of an important work and due to some technical issue your windows gets corrupted leading to loss of data or you there is a connectivity issue or even sometimes the installation of windows in a new laptop or PC becomes difficult. If not this, sometimes one part or the other of your computer starts to misbehave. In such situations, one needs to consult or seek help from the experts to fix it. Insta Tech Experts is a team of some of most proficient tech geeks with hands-on experience on computer hardware and software related issues. The team offers online solutions to all the tech related problems at the spur of the moment. Along with our exceptional services, we offer many reasonably priced tech support plans in USA and Canada.

One Year Plan

Computer & PC Tech Support Plans in USA, Canada

One Year Plan

1 Pc support Unlimited Instances


No Hidden Charges

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Your computer doesn’t ask for permission before it shows any technical glitches and our professional team is available 24/7 to resolve any type of issues that you may be facing. We offer tech support plans in USA and render online support to the users in trouble. Not only this, we also extend our tech support plans in Canada, wherein the users are provided solutions for their tech related problem via a live chat or telephonic conversation through a toll free number. The team at Insta Tech Experts also provides support when the computer or any part of it needs repair. There are various computer repair plans in USA and the plans that we offer at Insta Tech Experts stand out from the masses. 

Similar is the case with the computer repair plans in Canada. The tech team at Insta Tech Experts is experienced enough for tackling the gamut of problems like troubleshooting peripheral glitches, tackling browser problems, e-mail related issues etc. via a 100% secure and encrypted conversation channel. Other than this, there are various customized PC tech support plans for USA residents. The plans are very affordable and highly useful. 24*7 online tech support is made available to the clients and users. Whenever there is a peripheral or technical glitch, all they need to do is chat with an expert and find an instantaneous solution to their problem.

That’s not it! The users are provided thousands free self-help articles and guides so as to enable them to fix small troubles or glitches themselves. Similar PC tech support plans for Canada residents are offered by the professional at Insta Tech Experts, we make sure that you get the best computer repair service at the best price. Along with these highly affordable plans, you also get free 100 GB cloud storage. Further, advanced remote access is made available to the users so that they get an instantaneous solution for their problems. All this comes at a very nominal fee of USD 299.90 for an entire year. This plan is for an individual user using it for a single PC or laptop. No matter how many troubles one faces while working on the computer, be it hardware related or related to the software or connectivity, one plan is enough to fight against all of it. Simply engage with the experts over a live chat or a telephonic conversation over a toll free tech support number +1-844-902-0605 or an e-mail and tell them your problem, we will resolve it within minutes. It’s that simple!